Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise – Identifying the best option for your business

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Business owners and managers looking for a professional eCommerce platform designed for enterprise-level organizations can’t go wrong with Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. These platforms are used by hundreds of successful eCommerce website around the globe. However, since you can’t use them both at once, it’s quite logical to look for a way to determine which one is better. Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise is the comparison that we’ve made for you and hopefully, this comparison will help you make the right move.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the modified version of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform for small business. Obviously, this version was developed for large businesses. Some of the top brands that are using Shopify Plus today include Red Bull, Penguin Books, and Budweiser. This platform was introduced in 2014 which means that it is newer compared to Magento Enterprise. With the help of this eCommerce solution, enterprise-level users will get access to a plethora of international eCommerce options, great customer support, multi-channel sales support and hundreds of apps.

If we take a look at the cost of building and managing a website via Shopify Plus, we can freely say that this is an affordable solution. We should also point out that this is a fully hosted solution which means that registered users don’t have to worry about finding hosting providers. The same goes for the upgrades and updates because everything on this platform is automated. We must also mention that Shopify Plus promises seamless integration with many popular social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Magento Enterprise

As we have already mentioned, Magento Enterprise has been around for a longer period of time than Shopify Plus. This product was unveiled in 2008. There’s a free version of Magento, but that version is suitable for small businesses. The Enterprise edition comes with more features and improved functionality. Both medium and large business can rely on this platform. Nike, Fox, Coca-Cola and Rebecca Minkoff are some of the top brands that have decided to use the services of this eCommerce platform.

With Magento Enterprise you can get access to hassle-free multi-store management. This is something that you can’t expect from Shopify Plus at least not in a simple way. Magento Enterprise also has more built-in options and features, but it’s more expensive than Shopify Plus. This is also a good option for international commerce.